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OptoTech is one of the world leaders in technology and process engineering. The German organisation offers the most comprehensive machining product range worldwide, from supermicro, micro, and macro to plano-optics and ophthalmic lenses. OptoTech provides complete production line solutions.

OptoTech principally supplies the following:

  • Optics processing centres for grinding, polishing and centring/edging, correction polishing machines, measuring technology, as well as alignment and joining technologies
  • Ophthalmic machining for generating, polishing, protection, blocking/unblocking, marking, cleaning and mould production
  • A range of professional ophthalmic RX production software
  • Workshop interferometers for spheres, aspheres and plano optics, 3D measuring machines, autocollimators and turning machines for aligning optical components
  • Surface generation and coating including AR coating, hard coating, ophthalmic processes, coating precision optics and processes, and quality inspection units
  • All tools and consumables needed for optical production

The company was founded in 1985 and remains a family-run business. From conventional high-speed machines to state-of-the-art CNC generators and polishers, many of OptoTech’s innovations have helped shape the market.

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