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Isuzu Glass is a manufacturer of optical filter glasses and moulded optics. Over its 100-year history it has developed unique technologies to stay ahead of competitors. The company’s infrared absorbing filter glass has been accepted worldwide for heat absorbing/laser protection applications and the company followed this up by creating unique filters including UV cut, colour correction and more. Today, Isuzu Glass’s optical components are used in video projectors, LED products, medical equipment, security devices and other advanced applications.

Products offered include:

  • A range of optical filters with a variety of spectral characteristics
  • Moulded lenses that include integrated lens arrays, aspheric lenses, protection glass for mobile phone displays, rod lens/CPC, micro lens arrays, Fresnel lens and more
  • Measuring equipment (Spectralnavi MK350) for light source production site, confirm light source function at actual spot, and appeal light source performance

With ISO9001, 9002 and 4001 accreditations, history that dates back to 2005 and offices and factories worldwide, Isuzu Glass is a major global force in optical glass manufacture.

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